Kevin Sharkey

Hello and welcome, my name is Kevin Sharkey and I'm a photographer based in Ireland. You may notice a large variation of subjects in my photography because I have a broad spectrum of interests but I mainly like to focus on capturing scenes which can tell a unique story. You are very welcome to look through my pictures and if you would like to purchase any contact me or alternatively see the shop section. I am available for commissions so if you want me to help you cover an event or story get in touch through the contact page.




Photo Studies


In my project “A small study of Ireland’s artists” I want to photograph a group of artists in their own environment, documenting how they work and live in their day to day lives. In doing so I hope to celebrate their art and also maybe get a glimpse into finding out where they get their inspiration and drive from. One such person who is a part of my project is Joe Hogan, an artist in Galway.

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My project involves documenting Connemara. I want to examine it's landscape, people and produce. Connemara has a rawness about it, an untouched wildness. For hundreds of years the landscape has remained the same in contrast to much of the rest of the country.

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With my project “In the Gobi” I wanted to document the vast incredible landscape, however as I was traveling there I also became captivated by the people who inhabited this land and the kindness they had shown me. I decided to focus on capturing their unique customs and traditions through emotive pictures as well as the land that they live in.

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When I first arrived in Kemerovo I didn’t quite know what to expect. I went there with the purpose of documenting the people of a small city in Russia’s Siberia and how they live and work in their environment. I had expected a city of stark contrast to the city that I grew up in, Dublin, Ireland.

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